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Lemon Venom


Pure citrus venom delivered straight to where it matters…. all the yield and power of Big Bud with a face contorting lemony twang coming from a sharp Sensi Star and a personal lemon line run by an old friend, Mega Lemon. She has the vibrant green colour of a West African Mamba and her tight, golf ball size buds are just as deadly in their

toxicity levels. Lemon Venom will enter your system violently and very fast, the initial wave of euphoria washing over you leaving you incapacitated and unable to speak. Then, instead of fading, the intense high begins creeping up- delivering an energetic buzzy feeling all over. 

The taste is of sweet/sour citric zest contrasting with earthy, pine terpenes and the smell is acrid and tangy, almost like bleach. There is no known antidote for Lemon Venom and the side effects from its concentrated THC levels are not for the faint of heart… …OUR KINDA POISON!

  • Genetics: Sensi Star x Big Bud x Mega Lemon

  • Genotype: 100% Indica

  • Suitable for: Indoor/Outdoor

  • Yield: Approx 600g/m2. Indoors & +1000 g/plant Outdoor

  • Flowering time: Approx 60 days indoors/end October outdoors

  • Mould/Pest Resistance: High

  • THC: 18%

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