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Black Gold

A plant that focuses on oil production in abundance as its number one job! We took Maple leaf – a prestigious, pure Indica strain hailing from vintage Afghanica gene stock, known for its sweet, sticky, resinous qualities and crossed her with four other great resin producing strains. These four other constituents include Hindu Kush- another strain famous for its supreme hash capabilities. The end result is a plant that over-produces oil in copious amounts and is THE perfect girl for all the hash heads and dabbers! Her wide, dark green leaves drip with thick, sticky crystals and pests better beware as they usually end up stuck to her!  Flavours burst with sugary orange-grapefruit tones, capped with a spicy-fuel twang and she stinks of super strong hashish during flowering. If you like to dab then this gooey monster is the one for you!!... …YABBA DABBA DOO WE LOVE HASH GOO!


  • Genetics: Maple Leaf Indica x Indian x Brazilian x Hindu Kush x Ruderalis

  • Genotype: 100% Indica

  • Suitable for: Indoor/Outdoor

  • Yield: Approx 450g/m2 indoor & 65g/per plant outdoor

  • Seed to flower: Approx 60 days

  • Mould/Pest resistance: Very High

  • THC: 18%

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