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Yumbolt x Banana

The direct descendant of the Humboldt county landraces, “Yumbolt” is now a well- established strain having won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2001 and 2nd place at the Highlife Cup in 2017.

A Strong Indica Strain renowned for its potency, with some users reporting “Trippy” like effects, we just couldn’t resist including this gem in our catalogue. 

To improve the overall structure and vigour of the plant we have introduced our select Banana cut which has also given the flavour a super sweet lip tingling twist. It conjures up distant memories of flavours from years gone by but combines softer banana undertones with a medicinal “dankness” that reminds you of the high THC content.

She is a stable strain that reliably produces good yields of impressive nuggs and one we are very happy to now offer to the world!


  • Genetics: Yumbolt x Select C.O.T.C Banana Cut

  • Variety: Mainly Indica

  • Sex: Feminised

  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod

  • Flowering Time: 60 - 70 Days

  • Yield: 350g/m2

  • THC: 25%

  • Flavour: Sweet Berry with Banana undertones

  • Effect: Trippy, Knockout

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